BioBarrier Pricing


Biobarrier is available in two widths and is sold by the meter or by the roll.

Minimum order quantity is 5 meters.

BioBarrier Price List: March 2020

Product Width Roll Length Roll Weight Price / Lin. Meter 1-3 4+
BioBarrier 39″ 1m 31m 18.2kg $85 +GST $2635 +GST By Quote
BioBarrier 58.5″ 1.5m 31.m 26.8kg $120 +GST $3952.50 +GST By Quote
Trade prices available.
November/December special for 1m width: $75+gst per linear metre

Product Warranty:

That no roots will grow through Biobarrier and cause damage to structures for a period of 15 years, when used as directed. If damage occurs, we will refund 100% of the purchase price for the Biobarrier in the affected area.
This Biobarrier product is designed for root control. The metered release of herbicide from the Biobarrier nodule prevents root penetration. The fabric permits water and nutrients to pass through. Exposure of Biobarrier outside of the yellow protective bag to the sun’s rays will accelerate herbicide release and degrade the fabric, shortening the effective life of the product.
If penetration should occur, the parent company will replace the product or refund 100% of the purchase price in the affected area. This warranty card must be filled out and mailed within 30 days of Biobarrier installation to initiate warranty. Proof of purchase must be available with claim.
Exposure of BioBarrier® outside of the yellow protection bag, to the sun’s rays will accelerate herbicide release and degrade the fabric, shortening effective life of the product.

Disclaimer of Warranties

The Seller makes no warranties concerning this product or its use which extend beyond the standard specifications for the products.
The Seller makes no warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, or any other express or implied warranty. Buyer assumes all risk
and liability resulting from use of the products delivered hereunder, whether used singularly or in combination with other products. All statements
concerning this product apply only when used as directed.

Limitation of Damages

No claim of any kind, whether as to products delivered or for non delivery of products, and whether or not based on negligence, shall be greater in amount than the purchase price of the
products in respect to which damages are claimed. No charge or expense incident to any claims will be allowed unless approved by an authorised representative of Seller.
Products shall not be returned to seller without Seller’s prior permission, and then only in a manner prescribed by Seller. The remedy hereby provided shall be the
exclusive and sole remedy of Buyer, and in no event shall either party be liable for special, Indirect or consequential damages, whether or not caused by or resulting
from the negligence of such party.