Retaining walls, Trench Drains, and Septic Tanks

Retaining Walls


Dig a trench 25mm deeper than chosen material width where BiobarrierĀ® is to be installed. Prune and remove the roots of existing trees. Place Biobarrier in the trench at finished grade level, securing with pins. Backfill the trench, compact the dirt to ensure there are no gaps. If possible, trench should be cut at least 30cm from retaining wall to allow for future root swell.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines & Vertical Instructions

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Trench Drains & Septic Tanks


Completely surround the trench or tank and stone with Biobarrier and/or overlap seam. The geotextile drainage fabric also serves to maintain the separation between the soil and the stone. Cutouts for inflow and outflow pipe penetrations should fit snuggly around pipes. Wrap each pipe cutout and junction with Biobarrier, then secure with industrial tape or ties. Leave no gaps in the Biobarrier.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines

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