Guardrails and Fence Rows


Determine width of weed inhibition desired. Remove existing soil or plant material to a depth of 50mm below grade. A one-time application of a systemic herbicide will help control growth until Biobarrier® herbicide zone is completely established (approximately two weeks). Cut Biobarrier® lengthwise and fit by cutting ‘x’ shaped slits around rails or posts. Fabric must fit snuggly around rail or post to prevent weeds from growing up between it and the Biobarrier®. Secure Biobarrier® with pins and then add 50mm of cover material. Rock or mulch are the preferred choice. In new installations, place Biobarrier® in width desired, place cover material, and install guardrail posts or fence posts through the fabric.

Be sure to maintain the cover as UV and heat significantly reduce the life of Biobarrier.

Refer To Biobarrier General Landscaping Installation Instructions and General Installation Guidelines.

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