Utility Substations and Pavers

Utility Substations

Remove existing soil or plant material to a depth of 50mm below grade. A one-time application of a systemic herbicide will help contain growth until Biobarrier herbicide zone is completely established (approximately two weeks).

Place Biobarrier®, overlapping or seaming according to seaming instructions until desired width is achieved. Extend Biobarrier 45cm beyond fence line for maximum benefit. Place 50mm of cover material on the fabric.

The objective is to prevent UV exposure and heat from degrading the Biobarrier. At least 50mm of cover material must be maintained to obtain normal life expectancy.

Refer General Installation Instructions and Biobarrier General Landscaping Installation Instructions

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Excavate 50mm below grade level, remove unwanted vegetation (especially that which could puncture fabric). Apply a systemic herbicide to prevent re-growth, if desired.

Place Biobarrier® horizontally, securing edges by ‘Toeing in’ to a shallow trench, then anchoring with landscape pins. Layer 25mm-50mm of sand on top of Biobarrier, position pavers in desired pattern and level.

Refer To General Installation Instructions & General Landscaping Installation Instructions

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