Tree Skirts

Determine size of area where surface vegetation is to be controlled. Cut a narrow trench with the edge of a shovel in desired shape. With scissors or knife, cut Biobarrier on line indicated, through the center point, extending slits as necessary to permit fabric to fit snugly around tree trunk. Fold ‘points’ of fabric under. Bring cut skirt edges together, securing with landscape pins. “Toe in” or press outside edges of Biobarrier® down into trench. Insert landscape pins at 25mm intervals around perimeter of skirt.

A rigid retainer around the tree can keep cover material in place and aid in keeping the edges of the Biobarrier® material in the narrow ‘toe-in’ trench. With tip of shovel, make 25mm-50mm cuts in soil slightly back from the edge of Biobarrier®, then tuck fabric edge in. Pins should then be placed every 30cm around edge of skirt to prevent it being pulled up by mowing equipment.

Cover Biobarrier® tree skirt with 50mm of stone, mulch or soil. This depth must be maintained for optimum effectiveness. Deeper cover will permit more root growth for a longer period. However, if a seed does germinate, even in the 50mm layer, when it attempts to grow down to set up a viable root system, it will come in contact wit the herbicide zone and cease growing. Exposure of Biobarrier® to sunlight will result in less than the guaranteed life. Keep it covered.

Refer General Installation Instructions and Biobarrier General Landscaping Installation Instructions

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