Street Medians, Landscaping, and Tombstones

Since this application also utilizes Biobarrier®, see vertical installation instructions.

Remove unwanted vegetation and material to a depth of 50mm below grade. A one-time application of a systemic herbicide will help contain growth until the Biobarrier herbicide zone is completely established (Approximately 2 weeks). Position and cut fabric for existing or new plants. Cut ‘X’ for plants with scissors or a knife. Fit fabric around plant, folding flaps up close to each plant. Secure fabric edges by cutting a shallow trench (> 25mm) and ‘toeing in’ the exposed edge of Biobarrier®. Pin fabric edge in trench at least every 1.2m. Add width, if required by overlapping fabric 75mm and pinning in place. Add 50mm of cover material. Plant roots will not grow in 25mm-50mm zone next to Biobarrier®, so plants should be selected considering their normal root depth.

The 50mm of cover material must be maintained for long term effectiveness.

Refer To Biobarrier General Landscaping Installation Instructions

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