Earth dams, Dikes, Canals, and Foundations

Retaining walls, Trench Drains, and Septic Tanks

Earth Dams and Dikes Canals

Biobarrier® can be used to prevent root intrusion Into earth-filled structures and drain systems Associated with dams, dikes and canals. For large areas, lengths of biobarrier® can be seamed together using hot or cold melt adhesives. Pinned, overlapped seams can also be used. Biobarrier® is then placed over the area to be protected and covered to any depth with fill or other cover material, which can then ‘naturalize’ with surface vegetation without fear of tree root intrusion.

Biobarrier® can be used underneath canals to prevent root intrusion. Biobarrier® must not come in direct contact with surface water. There can be no gaps as the effective zone for stopping roots is 25mm from the nodules. In new construction, it is advantageous to substitute Biobarrier® Root Control in place of most drainage fabrics since the geotextile in Biobarrier® i.s a standard drainage fabric.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines

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Dig a trench where Biobarrier is to be installed, pruning the roots of existing trees if necessary. Distance of trench from foundation should be sufficient to allow for roots to swell without compromising structure. Place Biobarrier® in the trench, securing with installation strips and/or pins. Backfill the trench and compact the dirt to ensure there are no gaps and Biobarrier® is up to finished grade.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines & Vertical Instructions

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