Pot n Pot, Planting Beds, Pots, Roof Gardens

Pot n Pot, Planting Beds, Pots, Roof Gardens

Pot ’n Pot

Place the socket pot of the two-pot system designed to make an airtight seal, in the ground.

Cover the bottom of the socket pot with biobarrier® Normally 1-2, 32 nodule pads for 55 litre containers. Do not add other material that might obstruct the seal at the bottom of the pot. Place the grower tub pot inside the socket top, turning the drain holes 90° to misalign holes. After the grower tub pots have been removed, collect the biobarrier patches and store in the plastic protective pouch until next season for a maximum life expectancy of 10 years.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines

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Planting Beds, Pots, and Roof Gardens

Biobarrier® can be used to line containerized beds to prevent roots from growing into them, clogging the drain systems or breaking planter walls. Biobarrier® should completely cover the drainage medium ( plus at least 25mm up all sides) in the bottom planting bed, then adequate soil, potting mix, mulch, etc. should be added to sustain desired plant growth. Growth will not be inhibited until roots enter the biobarrier® zone, approximately 25mm above fabric. Careful selection of plant material is needed in this application. Biobarrier® is used in planting pots to prevent roots from growing through the drain holes.

The bottom of the pot should be covered with drainage medium, then the medium completely covered with biobarrier®, permitting water to pass, but stopping roots. Biobarrier® can be used as the drainage fabric between the growing medium and the drainage medium in most any application to prevent root intrusion into the drainage system. Roof gardens require site specific custom designs however, the above sketch is typical.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines Download PDF