Container, Drain Lines, and Utility Pipes

Swimming Pools


Line planting container with Biobarrier, placing material vertically at finishes grade level,
allowing it to drape down side, across bottom and up opposite side, ending at finished grade level.

Pins or tape can be used to hold material in place. Depending on container size, it may be necessary to seam two or more widths together.

If container has a dirt bottom and roots are permitted to grow downward, product may be placed only around sides of container, attaching at top finished grade level. Width of product should be equal to, or greater than, the depth of container.

Biobarrier is used in planting pots to prevent roots from growing through drain holes. The bottom of the pot should be covered with drainage medium, and then covered with Biobarrier, permitting water to pass, but stopping roots.

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines

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Drain Lines, Lines & Pipes

Drain lines and systems and utility lines and pipes can be protected from root intrusion by wrapping entirely with Biobarrier, at joints or on any or all sides. Biobarrier fabric can be easily cut with a knife or .scissors to fit any configuration. Pipes may be completely wrapped lengthwise and overlapped

(minimum of 75cm or 2 nodules) or at joints or other critical locations where moisture or air may attract roots. Pins, industrial tape or adhesives, or plastic or metal bands may be used to hold Biobarrier® in position, no gaps, it is only effective “where it is.”

Refer to Biobarrier General Guidelines & Vertical Instructions

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