General Instructions

General Instructions


When two or more of the following conditions exist, special precautions, detailed below, should be followed for maximum prevention of root overgrowth of fabric.

  1. Base of potential problem tree is higher than protected hardscape
  2. Soil is over 90% sand
  3. Tree species is aggressive, top rooting variety such as Willow, Ficus, etc. Consult a local arborist for species questions or recommendations if necessary.
  4. Tree is closer than 2400mm from edge of protected hardscape.

Special Precautions (See Drawing Below)

  1. Wherever practical, build level of soil adjacent to protected hardscape to a level even with or above base of tree.
  2. Attach Biobarrier approximately 50 mm (2”) from the top edge of commercially available metal edging using hot or cold adhesive. For hot application use general adhesives hot melt or equivalent. For cold applications use Liquid Nails Heavy-Duty adhesive or equivalent.
  3. Install metal edging adjacent to protected hardscape with Biobarrier attached. Leave metal edging approximately 25mm (1”) above grade to prevent root overgrowth. Landscape timbers with Biobarrier attached to the bottom may be substituted for edging.

Biobarrier Seaming Instructions

Hot Application

General Adhesive Co. Hot Melt or Equivalent

Cold Application

Adhesives Liquid Nails Heavy-Duty Adhesive or Equivalent

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