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About the BioBarrier? System

BioBarrier system is a unique method of root and weed control. The biobarrier system manages roots through the slow, controlled release of trifluralin, a root inhibition herbicide that has been used in onion crops in New Zealand for many years. A pattern of nodules injection molded to a geo textile fabric creates a continuous zone of root control protection.

Trifluralin diffuses from the protective nodules in vapour form, creating a root inhibition zone in the soil. Roots penetrate the zone until root tips reach the herbicidal concentration that prevents the species root tip cell division. This is normally approximately 10mm from the fabric. Only the root tip cell’s ability to divide and grow is affected. Neither the plant nor its roots are killed as trifluralin is not systemic. The BioBarrier system simply diverts the roots and causes the plant to concentrate growth I the branch roots away from the trifluralin zone. Because its a textile, the BioBarrier System is water permeable, does not disturb soil hydrololgy and is flexible enough to be contoured to various installation geometries.

BioBarrier Root Control System

To install biobarrier for root control, dig a trench along the area you want to protect. Prune tree and shrub roots if they are already there. Wearing gloves to prevent the trifluralin from staining your hands, place the biobarrier (width to be determined on use) into the trench, making sure it is between the area to be protected and all the roots. With the landscape pins , secure it near the surface so roots do not grow over it and against the wall of the trench opposite the root source. Then backfill the trench and tamp it to ensure there are no gaps in the soil. Remove the installation flap and store the unused Biobarrier Root Control System in the original package pouch. Always follow the detailed installation instructions included in the package and detailed under “Product Info”.

BioBarrier Weed Control System

As BioBarrier is a fabric and follows ground contours it is easy to install. Simply clear the area of rocks and clumps of plant material and unroll the fabric. If trees or ornamental shrubs are already planted, just place the fabric around them. (Remember : BioBarrier Weed Control fabric only affects the root tip growth, so pull it close to the tree or shrub trunk.) Cover it with the organic or inorganic cover material of your choice. Place unused product in the original package, seal the package and store it away from sunlight. If for some reason you need to remove the BioBarrier from the ground, dispose of it as suggested in the packaging instructions

In 1987 I graduated from Massey University with a Bachelor of Horticulture. I loved it so much, I continued on immediately and got my Postgraduate Diploma in Landscape Architecture from Lincoln College. I started to learn the ropes working for an established landscape business, which was great, but I wanted to design and create landscapes the way I saw them, so I started my own company.

I started with a handful of clients, and it seemed for each I had, I landed three more. I learned from each of my clients, and I think they’ve learned from me. A small job with Webster and Co., designing the landscape for their office at Hamilton Road, Auckland, led to a mix of commercial and residential jobs from their clients. I was on my way.

Being both a landscape architect and an arborist means I have the skills and the qualifications to make the most of any space. I offer a combination of landscape and tree services, ranging from commercial and residential design, subdivision design, revegetation projects, roof gardens, tree assessment and reports. Many designs include water features swimming pools, patios, pergolas and decking.

As an arborist I can also undertake tree assessment to support tree works or tree removal consent applications.

I enjoy the wide mix of both native and exotic plants that our climate can sustain, and am happiest digging in the dirt, surrounded by plants and trees and greenery.

In 2011 I went back to the Waikato Institute of Technology, earning a Diploma in Architecture, Level 6 (with distinction!) so I could be a better arborist.

I decided to sell Biobarrier because I was tired of seeing healthy mature trees being cut down because they had been planted too close to a house or a driveway. As someone who is passionate about trees, it was devastating. Biobarrier is another tool that allows me to create and maintain treed landscapes.

Founder: Sue Roff

Registered Landscape Architect


Eden Terrace, Auckland